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Beethoven Bonn-Bonns
12 Piece Apricot Truffle Box: $20.00

A fund-raising project of the Society supported by Schurra’s, one of
America’s finest handmade confectioners—weds apricots with marzipan, apricot liqueur, and dark chocolate. A portion of the funds raised from every box supports the work of the Beethoven Center.

Two remarkable valleys inspired this delicious confection. Forty-five miles to the west of Vienna, the Wachau is a valley between the historic medieval towns of Melk and Krems. Over the millennia, the Danube River formed its beautiful landscape, which is famous for vineyards producing the finest white wines of Europe and farms devoted to apricots.

The second valley is Santa Clara Valley, forty-five miles south of San Francisco, home to the first city in California, San José, founded by the Spanish Viceroy in 1777, a month before Beethoven’s seventh birthday. Though celebrated today as Silicon Valley, the “Valley of Heart’s Delight” was famous the world over as an
agricultural paradise that began producing apricots, almonds, plums, and pears in the 1850s, a tradition that continued until after World War II.

Please order directly from Schurra's or download the brochure for other ordering options.